Digital Copy Support
Serial Number/Licenses

Where can I find the 16-digit serial number code?
Your serial number is located in the paper insert included inside your DVD case.

Why do I need to enter a serial number?
A serial number is required in order to obtain an authenticated electronic license for Windows Media DRM.  Please ensure that you keep you serial number insert for your records.

How many transfers can I make to my PC and Portable Device?
You may transfer one copy to one PC and one copy to one Portable Device.

Why am I receiving a message stating that my serial number is invalid?
Please ensure that you carefully typed the correct serial number in the fields provided.  If you are still receiving the error, please contact customer support.

Why am I receiving a message stating that the number of movie file (asset) transfers has been exceeded?
This means that you or someone else has already used the provided serial number and the file has been successfully licensed for your PC and Portable Device.

What if I am having problems with my serial number?
In the event that you, as a customer, have lost your Digital Copy serial number, are having problems transferring the file due to limitations on your system, or another unforeseen event occurs prohibiting you from obtaining a valid license, FOX will re-issue a serial number provided that the following procedures have been met.


  1. You are the original owner of the DVD, and have the original serial code provided on the original insert with the DVD
  2. To be evaluated by FOX on a case by case basis, you believe the digital copy of the file was not successfully transported due to a technical limitation of your PC or Portable device under one of the following circumstances:
  • PC ran out of disc space while copying the digital copy or license
  • Hard Drive crashed
  • Lost connection to internet during activation
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

If you meet the above scenarios, please contact customer support.